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Branding Add-On

We'll help you build your brand, refine your vision and create an identifiable logo that your customer will come to love.


In todays integrated market where a brand needs to feature in both digital and print environments it's vital to have a brand identity that feels at home in many scenarios. So whether your logo is appearing on social media, in a magazine or on your website, your logo needs to be well considered.

Whether you have an existing brand or if you need one created from scratch we can help you reflect your true brand potential and capture your market share.

Our process begins with a documented audit of your competitors, both direct and indirect so we can evaluate where your business currently sits. We'll then take that thinking into a consultative process with you and ultimately refine our choices down to 4 options. All presented with real life application in mind so you can see how your potential brand will come to life with actual examples. Once we pick an option together we can refine and finally present your finished logo back to you in an online brand manual which is available to you to send to any vendors or suppliers that need your logo for any other marketing material such as signage or promotional material. They can then download the logos in multiple formats right from your website! Your marketing team will love you!