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Social Media Starter Add-On

Setup your social channels to succeed with channel artwork designed to make your brand shine.


Social Media can seem daunting to any new business owner. How do I find the time to be always on?... How do I create content people care about?... What do people care about?

We've got you covered! We'll help you get your social media pages looking great, that reflect your brand and then work with you to create content that your customers WANT to consume on social media. Our Social Media Starter Add-On is the first step to becoming social media savvy.

Once we've got your channels looking great and have a basic social media strategy in place we'll arm you with the tools to take charge of your social media destiny... or we can do it for you on our Advanced Social Media Add-On. It's up to you!

Just to be clear, our Social Media Starter Add-On is for clients that need to get their first steps on the social media ladder. But if you're looking for us to take your social media presence to the next level then have a look at our Advanced Social Media Add-On.