Software that makes our business run

Time and productivity optimisation is at the heart of what we do as a business. We understand how important it is to you as well, which is why we thought we would share some of the software that we use and hopefully it can provide some value to you too.

This is just a handful of some of the tools we use, we'll leave out the obvious ones like Adobe Creative Cloud, even though that forms a massive part of our business. Here are some tools that can cross industries that we hope you will adopt too.


We use G-Suite for email (Gmail), documents (Google Docs), spreadsheets (Google Sheets) which is great for data capturing and database building. Then cloud storage in the form of Google Drive and file sharing if we ever need to send large files to clients or collaborate with other suppliers. Then there's also a host of other programs included in the subscription service which starts at just £4 a month. Which I think is great value considering all that it gives you as well as a custom domain for emails.

For any new business owners just starting this is a great way to get a whole host of business tools at a really low cost.


Zapier is an online automation service that connects apps. They call it a 'zap'. So as an example we use Zapier to connect Webflow forms to Google Sheets... so every form submission on a website gets processed by Webflow and gets stored in Webflow's database, but simultaneously gets recorded in a Google sheet and is always live. So when we need to work with data it's already in google sheets ready to process and order and filter and all the good stuff you do in excel and google sheets. This is just one example but there are hundreds if not 1000's of ways to connect more than 3000 apps. So chances are if you have an app that you work with daily there is a zap waiting for you to connect to another app and make your life simpler.

There's a slightly more obscure way I use Zapier and that's to find out about other SAAS products. Simply by scrolling down the list of suppliers with zaps available you'll notice suppliers you've never heard of, like Pipedrive for example was one of those apps. You do a simple google search and a whole new world opens up in front of you. It's the intelligent version of scrolling down a Facebook feed (-:


If you're like me and you like to see visually where a project is in its lifecycle then Trello is made for you! In its simplest form, it's a Kanban board where you can drag projects from one stage to another as they move through a project lifecycle. So from 'Being worked on' to 'Ready for review' to 'Feedback from client' to 'Final' to 'Final Final' get the point. All these stages are defined by you so you have complete control and the 'cards' that represent your project can contain all the project details, attachments, contacts, due dates and a whole lot more. So everyone in your team has complete visibility of where the project is and everything associated with the project. There are a host of Add Ons that you can integrate with that will control your life if you wanted it to, but it can be as complicated as you need it to be, which is why I love it. Super simple to get your head around.


Figma is our primary design tool. But beyond it just being a free design tool...yes free... there's a community page that has a bunch of useful resources that you can use out of the box that will help even the most novice users become design champions. Figjam is also part of the service and is a collaborative whiteboard, which competes with the likes of Miro. It's great for brainstorming sessions with clients or just internal discussions with your colleagues. You can all put your thoughts down in one space, add images, draw and add notes. There are also some fun templates to work with that will add some excitement to those boring monthly meetings. In a 'work-from-home' age that we're in, you'll be surprised how much value you'll get out of this tool.

Those are just some tools we use daily. We'll no doubt have a follow up to this article with more.

If you'd like to know more about how we can implement some of these tools and processes into your business. We'd love to chat.

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