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Large Website Package

Large websites of 15 to 25 pages.

  • Great for Large Organisations
  • 2 x FREE Add-Ons included*
  • No-code visual website editor for 3 users
  • SSL Secure Hosting & support for higher traffic
  • Unlimited bug fixes

If you're a large organisation with a complex set of data such as products or services that need clarity of thought and structure to communicate your proposition clearly then our large website package might just be for you.

Here's how it works:

  1. I'll conduct an onboarding session to find out more about your industry, target market and what you makes you unique in your field of expertise. I'll work with you to put a content framework together. This will ultimately form the content for your website.
  2. Once that is agreed on I'll put together a design unique to your content.
  3. I'll deliver your website in a preview link and go through it with you on a video call where changes can be made live on the call. 
  4. Once you've approved your website, I'll go through my pre-flight checklist, make sure I've got everything I need from a domain perspective and then I'll push the button. That's it, your website is live!

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